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My Story

You were born to be Relentlessly Fierce

My whole life I didn’t belong; I felt I stuck out and was very uncomfortable in my own skin… always wanting to change how I looked on the outside. You see, I’m very tall for a woman, 5 ft 10 inches, and always felt so much larger than my peers and other women. I’d limit my calorie intake or exercise like a maniac in hopes of making myself smaller, since that was the only part of myself I could control. I always felt like I had to be a different person so that I could fit in, depending on what group of friends I was spending time with. I’d put on a different “hat” if I was with my rocker friends, my preppy friends, or my sporty friends.


The only place I truly felt like I could be me was when I was at the farm riding my horse. I found ME.  When I was there it didn’t matter who the perceived me was, I could just be.   Being on my horse made me feel totally and completely free. I threw everything into riding. I trained and competed professionally for most of my life, with the goal of representing the United States America in the Olympics in the sport of 3-Day Eventing. Unfortunately, a debilitating back injury cut those dreams short. I was faced with a choice, continue riding and possibly end up hurt beyond repair or leave the life I knew, so I could be the wife and mother they deserved. 


So with that, I had to reset my entire identity. When I committed to that monumental decision to leave behind my old self, I was instantly TERRIFIED of failure. I was worried I’d never live up to my full potential. I felt alone. That left me with some serious soul searching and deep internal work. What I didn’t realize then was I was meant to go through that in order to step into my authentic self. 


So what did I do? I took risks because I WANTED to.  I competed in NPC competitions to focus my physical energy and desire to continue to compete.  I followed my husband and son and took up wake surfing, cause why would I not!  I became inthralled with personal development and was excited to learn how the brain truly works both for and against “us”, which I will expound on below.  My outlook on decision making for me and my family was recalibrated.  I now know myself better than I ever have. Because of that I have an amazing relationship with my husband, son, friends and family. I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. I feel FREE and empowered, and now more than ever, I want to teach others to love themselves fully!!


Time Line Therapy® allowed me to truly discover who I was. I was finally able to let go of all the “hats” I was wearing along with the fear I wouldn’t fit in. I was done trying to be someone else, so people would like me and discovered who I truly am!! Who I can say I now truly love!! 


Today I’m the happiest I have ever been. I have so much more confidence in myself because I’m finally aligned with who I’m meant to me. As a Reiki Practitioner, and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, and NLP; I will help you identify your limiting beliefs so you too, can have more confidence and become your true authentic self. I want you to love your LIFE and find your PURPOSE that speaks to your heart with passion. 


I’ll help you shed the labels that you have given yourself, I’ll help you become more comfortable in your own skin, have more confidence in yourself and truly become the badass you are meant to be; to be relentlessly fierce and unapologetically authentic. If you're ready to discover that version of yourself, then schedule a free Vision Strategy Session with me, to find out what blocks are holding you back!



Do you ever wonder why you feel like you are always spinning your wheels? No matter how much you do you just can't get ahead!! Together we work to quiet those voices in your head so you can prioritize yourself, your fitness, and your relationships so you can become the bad ass women your are meant to be.


"Our body is our temple" we've all heard that one before but are we treating it that way? Now more than ever it's so important to know what you are putting in and on our body. Movement is another key element to having a health body and more energy. You will learn key aspects to taking care of yourself so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.

Jumping with Joy


Women have so many responsibilities and expectations its hard to find our own meaning in life. A coaching partnership can help you release old identities, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from connecting to your higher self. Whether you call it God, Source or the Universe... Coaching, Meditation, and Time Line Therapy® can help you live in deeper connection with the world.


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